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The first three of the dog kennels that are shown are permanent kennels.  These kennels are done with top and bottom rail so your dog can't dig out. We can make these kennels in any size for you, to fit your pet.  Notice these gates they are flush top and bottom so that the smallest dog can not escape. 

Bridge Fence, Inc.

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Dog Kennels - We can make your pet happy with permanent or portable dog kennels.

Dog Kennels

The next 2 pictures show dog kennels that are portable.  They are made with 2x4x8 gauge wire and been tested rated for a pit bull.  We sell them in 3 different sizes 5'x5'x6' / 5'x10'x6'/ and a 10'x10'x6'.  We also sell the panels separately if you need to make them a different size or "piggy back" to make multiple kennels.  The shade tops are sold separately.

We have a lot of the portable kennels in stock.